BACHO fishing boat

Update June 2023:

The fishing program is going well, and some days, a record amount of fish is caught. This fish is extremely useful to feed the many children and. youth in the BACHO program:


 In early 2022, BACHO had applied for a fishing permit, which is quite difficult to get. But because of BACHO’s strong commitment to help needy children, the government approved the permit. A relative donated an old boat. With a donation via Sahaya, the funds were available to patch up the old boat and purchase fishing nets. Now the fishing boat is fully operational! Trained fishermen go out on Lake Edward and what their harvest is divided between themselves and BACHO, so that some of the fish can be used to feed the children and youth, especially the orphaned ones.

Click on the individual pictures to see more detail. These pics were taken when a local school was doing a small field-trip to learn more about fishing procedures. Note the elephants in the lake! 🙂

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