BACHO-K banana plantation

In December 2023, an opportunity arose for BACHO to purchase a 8500 square feet banana plantation near Kihihi.

This is on very fertile land and in addition to bananas, also provides cassava, sweet potatoes and other vegetables that can be used to feed the orphans at BACHO.  This land is out of reach and safe from wildlife. At BACHO, the soil is not fertile enough for banana plantation, and in addition, elephants and monkeys would destroy any banana plantation. Thus, this plantation is a very special opportunity to do farming and obtain regularly bananas and other food for the orphans at READ.

The cost for this plantation is $10,000.  We borrowed funds to purchase the land, and have already raised $1,000. So the outstanding balance is $9,000.

Can you help? Any donations makes a difference!

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