Conservation Awareness

Being in the proximity of Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake Edward, people, including children, face a lot of conflicts and hazards, Wildlife can kill people or domestic animals (including livestock), can destruct crops and properties. There is also the risk for transmission of zoonotic diseases from wildlife to humans, or conversely, of transmission of diseases from humans and livestock to wildlife. Accordingly, there is a high need for conservation program.

Despite living so close to nature, the school system has not yet taken full advantage of these natural resources for educational purposes. Consequently, people living here tend to remain unaware of their importance. This lack of awareness unfortunately is responsible for the continued unabated destruction of these natural resources.

This program has two main goals:

  • Raising awareness in a sustainable way, for as many people as possible, of all ages and from all origins, to generate curiosity about nature and make them realize how important nature is. Indeed, we depend on nature and its proper functioning. By realizing our impact, we can all act positively to counter the threats that both nature and people are facing, reduce conflicts and promote better co-existence .
  • Generating concrete actions for the protection and conservation of Nature, such as an initiation on zero-waste, being consumer actors (choosing local and seasonal food for example), planting trees of native species or choosing a more eco-responsible consumption of lake and the park.

Ongoing Activities:

  • BACHO-K creates awareness through music, dance and drama (check out Lake Edward Cultural Performers), traditional performances, community education, group formation and sensitizations. This includes also programs for schools, ranging from kindergarten to high school.
  • In August 2022, volunteers of Photography Inspiring Children in Conservation (PICC, USA) visited BACHO and spent several days implementing conservation activities for children and youth.

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