Sahaya BACHO Football Club

Welcome to the Sahaya BACHO Football Club


The Sahaya BACHO FC won the regional football tournament! After having won 6 matches straight, they hoisted the trophy!!
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The Sahaya-BACHO FC is part of the BACHO programs. The youth are highly motivated, and also participate in many other BACHO programs, such as art (painting/sculpting), income-generating activities, and helping many of the orphans and vulnerable children in their village.  As Sahaya International, we are happy to support them.

Recently, the club has a new logo, reflecting the new name of the FC: Sahaya-BACHO. The logo reflects the Ugandan Kob, an antelope that is symbol of this region.

Earlier in 2021, we were able to provide the team with some uniforms and footballs, for which they are very grateful.

As uniforms and shoes start to wear off, there is an ongoing need for funds for such materials, but also to cover travel expenses so the team can go to competitions, especially if they are further away in the district or other districts.  Any support is welcome! If you like to support them, please go to our donation page, and indicate that your contribution is for the football club.

List of current sponsors:

  • Veerle & Robin
  • Koen Van Rompay
  • Sahaya
  • Tenaya West/Quakes (San Jose)

Meet the players (click on each picture to see enlarged version)

It is not only the youth that know how to play the game!