Sahaya BACHO Kindergarten

Construction completed in 2022 thanks to your generosity.

There was a partially constructed kindergarten school in Rwenshama village. This school was started by another organization but was never completed and abandoned when the organization left. Thanks to support of several generous donors of Sahaya International, we were able to finish the construction of this school, and the inauguration happened on July 20, 2022.  This is now the Sahaya BACHO kindergarten school! The local government gave ownership of this school to BACHO.

We are currently raising funds to purchase additional furniture for the school.

The school has a an approximate enrollment of 120 children. The school is in need of additional furniture . Instead of purchasing relatively cheap plastic furniture (which won’t last long), it is better to have a local carpenter make wooden desks and benches. One set of desk and bench, which can fit 3 to 4 children, costs approximately 50 USD. So for 120 children, our target goal for fundraising is approximately $2,000. Any donation you are able to afford is highly appreciate. If you like to contribute, please go to our donation page and indicate that your donation is for kindergarten furniture.


Children participating in a program of PICC (Photography Inspiring Children in Conservation).

Click below on individual pictures to see some pictures of the developments of this school.