What we do

Current main activities:

As explained in the various pages (use the submenu of “what we do”), these are our current main activities:

  • We have formed women groups and trained them with hand work skills.
  • We provide orphans and vulnerable children with monthly supplies of nutritional supplies and other basic needs.
  • We have organized a group of orphans and vulnerable children and trained them with different skills for future benefit, including handicrafts (clay, painting), and production of various products (door mats, table cloths etc).
  • We provide support to 35 HIV-infected children and youth (including food, clothing, educational support, visits to ART centers to get HIV medicines, counseling). This programs is in close partnership with Sahaya International, USA.
  • We support people with disabilities via rehabilitation programs to empower them and become productive members of the community.
  • Organization and training of orphans, vulnerable children and youth to empower them with art, sports, and income-generating activities.  These activities provide a forum to teach the youth leadership skills, and also reduces the time they would venture into nature and be at risk of endangering their lives or that of wildlife. These activities include:
    • Lake Edwards Cultural Performers Group (LECUP)
    • Sahaya BACHO Football Club
  • We are working with fishermen, including the set-up of a floatable fish farm on Lake Edward.
  • Creating awareness on HIV/AIDS including in the fishing communities around Lake Edward.
  • Creating environmental conservation awareness in the communities.

We welcome you to join hands with us in these efforts!