Gardening project at BACHO headquarters

The BACHO youth, under guidance of BACHO founder Akiikih and volunteer Prince Amon, learned how to start a vegetable garden, within the walls of the BACHO headquarters. This also includes the youth who recently lost their huts but whom we have been helping through Sahaya’s fundraising campaign. (click here to learn more or to support).

Growing crops is not common in this remote village, where most people making a living of fishing (on Lake Edward), especially as this area is part of Queen Elizabeth National Park, so wildlife (elephants, hippos, buffalos and other animals) come to eat the crops. We hope that the brick wall surrounding this compound will be strong enough to keep the wildlife out, so these orphans can soon harvest vegetables to improve their nutrition.

Many thanks to everyone who supports these programs!

Click on individual pictures to see an enlarged version.

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